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About the Ucayali Region

Centro Selva is located in the Ucayali region in the district of Campo Verde, 39 km (24 miles) from the region's capital city of Pucallpa.


  • Ciudad de Pucallpa: (a 39 km de centro Selva.)
  • Capital de la región Ucayali y capital de la provincia de Coronel Portillo.
  • Se ubica en el llano amazónico en la margen Izquierda del rio Ucayali.


  • Tropical, with an average temperature of 26 ° C, peaks can reach 34 ° C on the hottest days.
  • Annual rainfall reaches 157 cm.
  • Between June and September it is generally dry and warm, though January through March are wetter.


  • Population: 204,772 inhabitants
  • Local population : Mestizo, with migration from different areas of Peru.
  • Local communities: Shipico-Conibo, Cashinahua, Sharanahua, Nahua, Cashibo-Cacataibo, Culina, etc.

About Margenes del Bosque/residency's location.

Margenes del Bosque is a family-owned agriculture and livestock company, founded as such in 1996. Its founder was Alfredo Riesco de la Vega, Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics. Its activities include extensive livestock production, pisciculture, regional fruits, etc.

The company has always emphasized the sustainability of natural resources, searching for a production system in harmony with the Amazonian context and identifying adequate geographic spaces for the development of new sustainable systems in the use of the land. As part of these efforts, degraded areas have been reforested with local trees.